Which Stroller is Perfect For You?

Most of the parents like to have a baby stroller for their convenience. But everyone’s choice is different from each other. For being coped with them, the stroller producers also make different types of strollers depending on the choice of the customer. By reading this article, you will be known about the various types of the strollers and can select one stroller that is well-suited to your lifestyle. Before we know which stroller is best suited to us, we should learn about the 5 types of strollers.




1. Lightweight stroller

Generally, these strollers weight very much less than the other stroller. It has three kinds
Umbrella stroller– This buggy includes arched umbrella type handles and capable of folding/unfolding compactly and it’s weight isn’t more than 12 lbs.

Frame stroller– This type stroller only includes a structure to affix a car seat and a basket beneath the seat.
Convenience stroller-This stroller is larger and heavier than above two strollers. It has storage basket, an oversized canopy, snack tray with cup holder, a reclining seat but smaller than a standard stroller.

Who needs these types of strollers?

If you need a cheap, easy folding, little storage stroller, then lightweight stroller is the best option for you. For daily errands, shopping and quick traveling you can use it. It’s better as a second buggy. If you want a cheap buggy, then umbrella stroller is best for you.

2. Jogger stroller

Jogger stroller is made for health conscious moms who need to do exercise. It includes front swivel wheels and large bicycle-type wheels. Some of the  best double stroller comes with the car seat adapter.

Who needs these types of strollers?

The mom who wants to go outside for exercising or spending a lot of time on the aisle, they can use jogger stroller. Because this buggy is well-suited for using over all types of areas, even on any rough surface without hindering baby’s comfort. There is also double or triple jogger stroller.

3. Standard stroller

You will get more beneficial features in a standard stroller that assures the maximum amenity of you and your child. The standard stroller has a snack tray with cup holder, large canopy, reclining seat, parent organizer and storage basket.

Who needs these types of strollers?

Standard stroller assures the maximum facility of both the baby and you. Because it includes a lot of features of different designs and a wide range of prices. The price range of this stroller varies from $40-$1000. It is very useful for longer walks, traveling and shopping. Although it is a little bit bulky but comfortable and cozy than the lightweight stroller.

4. Travel system stroller

Both travel system stroller and frame stroller are alike. When your baby is an infant, it’s better to affix an infant car seat into this buggy. After being able to sit, you can affix the buggy seat travel system stroller.

Who needs these types of strollers?

If you are searching for a buggy to use long period, then it’s the best choice. You may consider it as an expensive stroller. But the total expense of buying another carrier like a car seat, a carrier, an infant stroller and a toddler stroller is more than a travel system stroller.
This stroller includes all the features of a standard stroller. The price range of this stroller starts from $130 to $900.

5. Double or Triple or Quad stroller

If you have the double or triple or quad stroller, you can go outside with two or three or four youngsters. You will get three different patterns of this stroller
Tandem stroller– Two single strollers stay one after another in a double tandem stroller. Most of the quad strollers are a tandem stroller. There are two double strollers remaining one after another in a quad stroller.
Side by side stroller– In aside by side stroller, two strollers affixed in a parallel line. The double strollers come in this style.

Sit and stand style stroller– This kind of stroller has a dual sitting system for the children of dissimilar ages. Generally, the front seat of this stroller for the younger child and rearward platform or seat for the eldest one where he/she can either sit or stand. Some stroller companies include an infant car seat with this type buggy.

Who needs these types of strollers?

The Double, triple and quad stroller are the best choice for the mother of twins, triplets or children of close in age. You will be able to walk with several kids at once with this stroller.
For walking or shopping with several kids, you can use this stroller. You can buy this stroller at a rate of $90 to $1300.

Final Words

Now you can easily understand that which stroller is perfect and suitable for your lifestyle. This information will obviously help you to find out a well-suited stroller for both of you and your little one matching with your lifestyle.

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