Should I buy My Baby a Baby Walker? Importance of Baby Walker

Baby walkers are just like training wheels only not for bicycles but for cute little angels, Baby walkers are not unique to the modern civilization, There are indications of baby walkers being used even during Fifteenth century from various paintings, Notably a Dutch Manuscript that shows baby Jesus in a Baby walker. However today’s baby walkers are a lot more better in terms of the ease of use and safety point of view, Baby walkers are usually made of plastic base with roller wheels attached and a hanging/suspended clothing material which act as a seat for the baby to support baby’s weight.

Baby walkers have over the time created a lot of controversy as to the benefit of using baby walkers . A lot of researchers have concluded that baby walkers may do more harm than good for the babies, claims of the researchers are based on various incidents where baby walkers roll out of control and end up hurting the little angels. Also it was claimed that baby walkers would actually delay the time required for the babies to actually start walking.

However today we have Baby walkers with features that totally avoid accidents of any sort with baby walkers. Also baby Walkers allow babies to have the feeling of control over their mobility and give them confidence early enough . It gives them the ability explore more and experience more of their surroundings. It is proven that brain development happens mostly during early stages of development greater the number of things that a baby is exposed to, more number of new experiences the baby is put through the better for baby’s brain development. Baby walkers definitely give an edge for the little angels to engulf themselves more in their surroundings.

Baby walkers are more than just Equipments they are beautiful memories to be cherished later on in life. Even if the baby walkers don’t do much to expedite process of getting babies to walk on their own like some researchers claim (which is yet to be proved beyond doubt) It gives our babies a new dimension, it’s like giving wings to our little angels, the sheer joy of having them support themselves and take their baby steps on their own is a moment of delight to be cherished for rest of the lives for all the loved ones. More than anything Baby walkers have become one with the fabric of modern culture, Baby walkers is one of the things that we can keep aside as a memorabilia for the wonderful journey of growth that a child goes through

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