Should I buy My Baby a Baby Walker? Importance of Baby Walker

Baby walkers are just like training wheels only not for bicycles but for cute little angels, Baby walkers are not unique to the modern civilization, There are indications of baby walkers being used even during Fifteenth century from various paintings, Notably a Dutch Manuscript that shows baby Jesus in a Baby walker. However today’s baby walkers are a lot more better in terms of the ease of use and safety point of view, Baby walkers are usually made of plastic base with roller wheels attached and a hanging/suspended clothing material which act as a seat for the baby to support baby’s weight.

Baby walkers have over the time created a lot of controversy as to the benefit of using baby walkers . A lot of researchers have concluded that baby walkers may do more harm than good for the babies, claims of the researchers are based on various incidents where baby walkers roll out of control and end up hurting the little angels. Also it was claimed that baby walkers would actually delay the time required for the babies to actually start walking.

However today we have Baby walkers with features that totally avoid accidents of any sort with baby walkers. Also baby Walkers allow babies to have the feeling of control over their mobility and give them confidence early enough . It gives them the ability explore more and experience more of their surroundings. It is proven that brain development happens mostly during early stages of development greater the number of things that a baby is exposed to, more number of new experiences the baby is put through the better for baby’s brain development. Baby walkers definitely give an edge for the little angels to engulf themselves more in their surroundings.

Baby walkers are more than just Equipments they are beautiful memories to be cherished later on in life. Even if the baby walkers don’t do much to expedite process of getting babies to walk on their own like some researchers claim (which is yet to be proved beyond doubt) It gives our babies a new dimension, it’s like giving wings to our little angels, the sheer joy of having them support themselves and take their baby steps on their own is a moment of delight to be cherished for rest of the lives for all the loved ones. More than anything Baby walkers have become one with the fabric of modern culture, Baby walkers is one of the things that we can keep aside as a memorabilia for the wonderful journey of growth that a child goes through

Which Stroller is Perfect For You?

Most of the parents like to have a baby stroller for their convenience. But everyone’s choice is different from each other. For being coped with them, the stroller producers also make different types of strollers depending on the choice of the customer. By reading this article, you will be known about the various types of the strollers and can select one stroller that is well-suited to your lifestyle. Before we know which stroller is best suited to us, we should learn about the 5 types of strollers.




1. Lightweight stroller

Generally, these strollers weight very much less than the other stroller. It has three kinds
Umbrella stroller– This buggy includes arched umbrella type handles and capable of folding/unfolding compactly and it’s weight isn’t more than 12 lbs.

Frame stroller– This type stroller only includes a structure to affix a car seat and a basket beneath the seat.
Convenience stroller-This stroller is larger and heavier than above two strollers. It has storage basket, an oversized canopy, snack tray with cup holder, a reclining seat but smaller than a standard stroller.

Who needs these types of strollers?

If you need a cheap, easy folding, little storage stroller, then lightweight stroller is the best option for you. For daily errands, shopping and quick traveling you can use it. It’s better as a second buggy. If you want a cheap buggy, then umbrella stroller is best for you.

2. Jogger stroller

Jogger stroller is made for health conscious moms who need to do exercise. It includes front swivel wheels and large bicycle-type wheels. Some of the  best double stroller comes with the car seat adapter.

Who needs these types of strollers?

The mom who wants to go outside for exercising or spending a lot of time on the aisle, they can use jogger stroller. Because this buggy is well-suited for using over all types of areas, even on any rough surface without hindering baby’s comfort. There is also double or triple jogger stroller.

3. Standard stroller

You will get more beneficial features in a standard stroller that assures the maximum amenity of you and your child. The standard stroller has a snack tray with cup holder, large canopy, reclining seat, parent organizer and storage basket.

Who needs these types of strollers?

Standard stroller assures the maximum facility of both the baby and you. Because it includes a lot of features of different designs and a wide range of prices. The price range of this stroller varies from $40-$1000. It is very useful for longer walks, traveling and shopping. Although it is a little bit bulky but comfortable and cozy than the lightweight stroller.

4. Travel system stroller

Both travel system stroller and frame stroller are alike. When your baby is an infant, it’s better to affix an infant car seat into this buggy. After being able to sit, you can affix the buggy seat travel system stroller.

Who needs these types of strollers?

If you are searching for a buggy to use long period, then it’s the best choice. You may consider it as an expensive stroller. But the total expense of buying another carrier like a car seat, a carrier, an infant stroller and a toddler stroller is more than a travel system stroller.
This stroller includes all the features of a standard stroller. The price range of this stroller starts from $130 to $900.

5. Double or Triple or Quad stroller

If you have the double or triple or quad stroller, you can go outside with two or three or four youngsters. You will get three different patterns of this stroller
Tandem stroller– Two single strollers stay one after another in a double tandem stroller. Most of the quad strollers are a tandem stroller. There are two double strollers remaining one after another in a quad stroller.
Side by side stroller– In aside by side stroller, two strollers affixed in a parallel line. The double strollers come in this style.

Sit and stand style stroller– This kind of stroller has a dual sitting system for the children of dissimilar ages. Generally, the front seat of this stroller for the younger child and rearward platform or seat for the eldest one where he/she can either sit or stand. Some stroller companies include an infant car seat with this type buggy.

Who needs these types of strollers?

The Double, triple and quad stroller are the best choice for the mother of twins, triplets or children of close in age. You will be able to walk with several kids at once with this stroller.
For walking or shopping with several kids, you can use this stroller. You can buy this stroller at a rate of $90 to $1300.

Final Words

Now you can easily understand that which stroller is perfect and suitable for your lifestyle. This information will obviously help you to find out a well-suited stroller for both of you and your little one matching with your lifestyle.

Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Natural Remedies for Treating Back Pain (BOOK)

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Start Cycling for Getting Better Body Fitness In a Short Time


When it comes to good health and body fitness, the human body requires one to engage in physical activities so as to stay healthy and for the body to function well. It is advisable for you to participate in physical activities for about thirty minutes in a day as this will help you remain healthy and active as well.

One of the exercises I engage in is cycling, not only does cycling have health benefit but it is so much fun especially when you have a partner to cycle with.

You can cycle around the neighborhood or on the mountains, and you can also participate in the tournaments being held in the community.To me, cycling is a great exercise where I get to bond with my family since it is a daily activity that we have to do as a form of exercise and to enjoy ourselves as well.

What are the benefits of cycling?

• Helps to strengthen and to tone muscles.
Cycling is an activity that is essential in toning our body as it involves a lot of pedaling. This is because it requires and involves the movement of the entire body. Therefore, it is a great form of workout. Not only does cycling have benefits in adults, it also has significant benefits to children whereby it helps in the development of healthy bones.

• Improved cardiovascular health.
When cycling the heart beats faster than usual, and this is very crucial as it enhances the flow of the blood in the body hence resulting to healthy cardiovascular functioning.

• Controls diseases.
Cycling is important in preventing diseases such as heart diseases, kidney, and ocular diseases as well. By cycling your body is active and this helps in burning fat in the body which causes some diseases such diseases.

• To Become Smart 

Regular cycling will reduce your fat and you will be slim down. It needless to say that, Bicycling is one the full body part exercise. if you spend 1-2 hours in riding a bicycle you will see your result.

What are the best bicycles to use for cycling?

The Road bicycle:

This type of bicycle is used for general purposes, like communicating, visiting to the nearest area or for going to market/office. One third percent cyclist is using road bikes. Almost all type of bicycle comes base on road bicycle. In General words, We can say “Road bicycle is the cycle which is used in road riding”.

Hybrid bicycle

This bicycle design based on mountain and road bicycle, we can say the hybrid bike is the combination of mountain and road bike. This type of bicycle is used for multipurpose. The hybrid bike is known as the multi purpose bicycle. Read more on Wikipedia on hybrid bikes.

Mountain bikes

The type of the bike is crucial especially to use on rough roads. Mountain bikes are made with strong and durable materials which make it able to withstand rough roads. Therefore if you intend to engage in more challenging activities such as cycling on rough roads buy the best mountain bikes. if you want to know more you also read this.

The recumbent bicycle.

This is one of the best bikes to use for exercising as it is designed such that the pedals are easy to use. The bicycle is also recommended for the people with back problems as the seating is made to offer comfort for the back. Therefore this type of bike is very crucial for exercising for the people with back problems and those who are a bit overweight. They are certain kinds which can be used at home as well.

Cruiser bicycle

Cruiser bicycle is generally used in beach area riding. If you have the plan to ride in Sea beach area, this Type bicycle will be super perfect for you.


  • It has a back support which is essential for people with the back problems.
  • The bikes are quite low making them easy to access.
  • They have a comfortable seat which helps you to sit comfortably while working out.

Budget friendly Bicycle:

Budget friendly bikes mean a bicycle in your budget. whatever your budget is? you can get a decent brand bicycle in any budget.

Now a day Some of the top Bicycle brand making some bikes for low budget. The cheap Budget bike doesn’t mean low-quality bikes. There is some exceptional bicycle in very low budget from top selling brand. If you want to get a mountain bikes for the cheap budget you can get it easily from online bike seller website.

if you are looking MTB under cheap budget you can read this:

Best Mountain Bikes Under $300 Of 2017 – 10 Bicycle for Any Terrain

Any type of bicycle you can get in any budget. if your budget is too low you don’t need to be worried. As I told you before you can buy any type of bicycle in your tight budget.

Final thought

You can choose a bike as your need. Any type of bike will give you the same type of physical benefit. So you don’t need to think on which type of bicycle will give you more benefit of exercise. Choose any bike that is the best suit for you and goes for riding.If you think we are writing for our visitor, please share our article with your friend, family using Social media. I am will be back soon with another article. Till then safe riding.

How to Buy a Safe Crib Mattress

If you love your new born baby and would like to make it comfortable, there is no doubt that you cold like to give the best things to it. A crib mattress without any doubt is a wonderful one of the most important things for your baby. Hence it is quite natural for you to find out ways and means by which you would like to lookout for the best crib mattress. But making the right choice without any doubt is a tough job because of various reasons. First and foremost, many of us do not have much knowledge about these mattresses and therefore do not know where to start and where to end.


Mattresses Are As Important As Cribs


Choosing then could often be a confusing and boring task but it cannot be done in a burry. Each and every step has to be planed carefully and there are many considerations which must be taken into account. Often many of us pay more attention to the crib instead of the mattress. This is not desirable because mattresses are as important as cribs Therefore we must spend time and effort and buy the next one possible. This is because babies will be spending quite a bit of time in the cribs. New born babies often sleep up to 18 hours a day and therefore you must be sure that it has the best place to sleep. Towards this objective, there is hardly any doubt that cribs have a big role to play.


Things That You Should Consider


The basic thing you must ensure is that the mattress fits properly into the crib. There should not be any gaps which could be risky for the baby. The mattress should also stay firmly in place. A soft one could take the shape of the face or head of the baby. This could enhance suffocation risks and it might also lead to SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Types Of Crib Mattresses


When we talk about cribs there are basically two variants, innerspring and foam. As far as quality and durability are concerned, both are good. They are known to provide the best of support to babies and will remain in good shape for a long period of time. However, there is some difference as far as the material is concerned. Foam mattresses are made from polyurethane. They are also lighter in weight and would weigh around 5 to 13 pounds. On the other hand when we talk about innerspring mattress they are much heavier and weigh between 15 to 30 pounds. The suitability would depend on specific comfort levels but generally it has been found that foam mattresses are easier to handle because of weight. They are also not as springy as spring mattresses. When the baby grows it is possible to use foam mattresses as trampoline. However, innersprings are used even today in U.S mainly because adults continue to sleep on them and the habit has moved to the babies too.




There is no doubt that cost is an important factor when it comes to any product and crib mattresses are also no exception. Depending on quality, sizes, colors, designs and other attributes, one can buy a crib between $100 and $250. On the other hand if you are looking at innerspring mattresses or better quality foam ones, you may have to pay upwards $400. However, it would be wrong to judge a book by its cover. In the same light, when you are buying a crib mattress you should not decide based on the cover but find out what lies beneath it.


How To Choose The Right Crib Mattresses


As mentioned earlier, there are available in different qualities. The main variants are innersprings and foam ones. When buying innerspring mattresses you must have a look at the number of layers and also find out as to what each layer is made of. The quality of covering should also be taken into account. Checking these attributes are important because they help a lot in increasing the comfort level of the mattresses.


When you are buying a foam mattress, you would be sure that they are made from polyurethane as the base materials. However, you must be sure that the foam is waterproof and optimally should weigh around 8 pounds and the price round be around $70 for a standard and value-for-money product. The firmness of the foam should also be taken into account. It must be slightly on the heavy side and must be as resilient as possible. In other words when the baby is taken out from the mattresses, it must come back to its original shape. Additionally foam density is also something which must not be lost sight of. It may not be possible to check on the density in a brick and mortar stores. Hence you would be advised to check on the same online, make up your mind reasonably well and then move ahead and purchase it.


A Few More Points To Keep In Mind


Apart from the above there are other important points which also must be taken into account. These include the border roads. When you are buying innerspring mattresses, if it does not have border rods, it would be better to stay away from it. They help a lot in making the product durable, provide firmness and also provide edge and side support. It will not sage when the baby walks or stands on the edge. Further when you are going in innerspring variants, you must always look for the ones with more number of layers.


There are other factors such as steel gauge and coil count and these are basically applicable to only innerspring mattresses. There should be the right combination between steel gauge and coil count and this can be understood only when you have the right knowledge about it. It would be better to look for a steel gauge of 15.5 at the highest level and the coil count should also be in the range of 135 to 150.




At the end of the day when it comes to buying a crib mattress quite a few things must be taken into account and the buying process should not be hurried through.